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RV Hauling and Camper transportation may be tough due to all of the complications that may emerge throughout your transfer. You can speed things up by hiring Comet Couriers to handle your move.

With a wide range of locales and recreational options, Maine RVing is difficult to match. The Maine coast provides RVers with beautiful scenery and pleasant sunny weather, and the Mountains and National Parks provide excellent camping choices. You will have no problem discovering terrific Maine RV camping places, ranging from RV parks to basic service public campsites to superb scattered RV campsites. Comet Couriers will bring it anywhere, anytime

Transporting a boat or recreational vehicle can be safe and seamless when you hire Comet Couriers. Keeping in mind the logistics of transport and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations when it comes to boats or RVs is crucial in making sure your vehicle gets where it needs to go in a timely manner without any problems. When it comes to transporting boats and RVs, Comet Couriers is well aware of the particular needs and safety issues involved in the transportation of these vehicles. In order to properly transport a boat or RV you can't simply just load it up on a truck and hope for the best. Comet Couriers is aware of issues like having the right trailer type, using the right specialized equipment to load and accommodate the freight, and maintaining the equipment so that it adheres to the rules and regulations of the United States Department of Transportation.

That is why you should always use Comet Couriers to haul your Boats, RV's and ATV's or Snowmobiles. Anytime. Anywhere.



RV Hauling is our specialty.




We ship most types of trailers all across New England. From State to State, City to City anywhere, anytime.  We can transport a RV Trailer including 5th wheel, gooseneck, and bumper pull.  

We also ship Semi Trailer to tankers, flatbeds, low boys, tag trailers and so much more.  

Our drivers go through extensive training on preventative action. In order to deliver a trailer safely our drivers check all areas around the outside of trailer looking for any possible traveling problem such as air pressure , lights, brakes and the general appearance.  


We are licensed, insured and bonded.

Enclosed Trailers

Filth Wheel


Travel Trailer

Concession Trailers

Boat Transport

Recreational Vehicles

Tiny Homes

We Haul Boats Of All Sizes ANYWHERE In Eastern Canada to Maine. Coast To Coast!

New Brunswick and Maine offer a varied climate and gorgeous natural experiences, from the sea coast. Boaters often travel to Maine and New Brunswick and nearby areas to explore the Atlantic Ocean as well as the many inlets and bays of Bay of Fundy.

Don’t do all the work of your boat transport on your own, let Comet Couriers do the heavy lifting and get your boat where it’s going, safely and in great condition. We are a five-star shipping company that has extensive heavy hauling experience.

Comet Couriers always works hard to offer the best ATV and Quad shipping services in Maine and Eastern Canada. Our ATV shipping service applies to all single-rider units.  As riders ourselves, we understand the level of trust our customers put in us for every ATV shipment. Over twenty years of perfecting our trade yielded the expertise we use today to serve you. We know that great customer service, fast shipping, safe deliveries are what our customers want most of all.

We want to take the stress off you when it comes to moving your toys, so give us a call today. Trust Comet Delivery who has moved ATV’s and Quads in Maine for almost 25 years!