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Comet Couriers airport courier services for Bangor, Augusta, Portland are the surrounding areas


When you need a package shipped to its destination as fast as possible, look no further than Comet Couriers. Our dedicated staff can quickly find the next flight headed toward your package’s destination and ensure your cargo is on the plane. Comet Courier Services can take care of all your North-Eastern delivery needs in one day.


We can ship all your small or large packages by finding the right plane and route that fit your specific delivery needs. After finding the next flight headed to your package’s destination, our experienced courier drivers will deliver your materials to the airport as quickly as possible. Our drivers know the routes with the least amount of traffic and can reach the airport closest to your package’s origin quickly. Comet Delivery Services has years of experience delivering a variety of materials on the Next Flight Out.


Compliant with all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines.










TSA Certified Logo: Demonstrating Our Commitment to Secure Transportation

When it’s necessary to move your shipment a long distance in a short amount of time, Comet Couriers Next Flight Out Service offers a great way to reduce transit time.

First, we locate the airports nearest both the origin and destination. Next, we identify the optimal flight departing and arriving at these airports and the drive time to and from each. With this information, we immediately dispatch the driver nearest the shipment origin. The shipment is picked up, taken to the airport and tendered on the optimized flight. Upon flight arrival, we retrieve your shipment and deliver it to its final destination.

A Comet Courier Service partner will pick up the package from the specified location and drop it off at the proper airline terminal of the next flight out. Upon arrival, another Comet Courier Service courier partner will pick up the package from the airport and deliver it to its final destination. All of this is done while maintaining on-time delivery and effective NFO pricing.

U.S. Government & State Guidelines:

The security requirements of package delivery are under constant scrutiny. Customers can be certain that Comet Delivery Services is compliant with all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines. Our Next Flight Out packages are handled with care, concern, and caution.

Arranging an airport courier service from the major airports can be hard. Comet Couriers makes the process of arranging an airport pickup easy. Trust us for your airport cargo courier service in Maine. We will handle the delivery for you and be on time. No need to stress about it, we are here to help. Our professional drivers know exactly where to pick up items at all the major cargo services.

We will handle the paperwork involved and do it right. We get it right the first time, on time, and to your satisfaction!

Simple Steps To Successful Airport Courier Service

Send us the airline, tracking number, and arrival time and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy! We can pick up and deliver packages to any of the major airports. 

We perform other services at the airports. We can retrieve luggage from the baggage counters at major airlines as part of our airport courier service. Passengers can get separated from their luggage due to a missed connection. Comet Courier Services can retrieve the luggage and deliver to all major hotels in the Maine area.

Sometimes an item gets left behind on a flight and the airline sets it aside and notifies the passenger. These items include cell phone, iPads, laptops, eyeglasses and more. Comet Courier Services is there to help. Provide us with the name of the airline and the baggage counter tag number. We will retrieve your item and deliver it to you promptly, safely, and securely.

As fast as possible and 100% safe: Our On Board Courier service

Do you have a particularly urgent or sensitive shipment that requires maximum speed and absolute reliability? Comet Couriers excels at providing On Board Courier service.

In case of logistical emergencies, our courier will accompany your time-critical urgent shipment to its destination on the next available scheduled flight. A permanent, personal monitoring of the shipment is guaranteed.