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Aircraft on Ground AOG: Comet Couriers can offer the fastest, most reliable transport solution so that you are able to get that aircraft flying as fast as possible.

We know that when an aircraft is grounded due to mechanical issues, it is critical that parts be delivered as quickly as possible. A delay in transport of replacement parts costs you money and causes complications in operations.

Comet Couriers will deliver your critical parts — no matter the size — to any destination. We offer tracking and proof of delivery, so you know your parts will arrive when they are expected.

The transportation of valuable aviation parts demands quick response time and precision handling. In addition to AOG shipping, Comet Couriers can provide cargo vans, tractor/trailers, flatbed trucks, and any other type of transportation you require.

Comet Couriers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to delivering for the Aviation Industry. We have a committed AOG team that take the lead on all our aircraft delivery and pick ups. With the ability to reach any Maine airport within 60 minutes. 

As flights are scheduled at specific times in tight windows, the courier you select needs to be on time. At Comet Couriers, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and our wide range of aviation courier options available will suit all kinds of customers within the industry.

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Next Flight Out

Fast is often not fast enough when it comes to critical AOG shipments. At the same maintaining the integrity of your aircraft parts and keeping the chain of custody intact is just as critical as speed of delivery.

Your aircraft parts are picked up any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.  This ensures that your shipments get on the next available flight without delay and that they also receive specialized handling as needed, even for Dangerous Goods materials.

Beyond this, each shipment is managed, monitored and tracked individually and never consolidated with others, unless requested. Our operations team is in constant communication with all drivers and service partners until your consignment reaches the intended recipient, giving you real-time status information by phone, fax, email or text so you have peace of mind knowing that the chain of custody is never compromised.

TSA Certified Logo: Demonstrating Our Commitment to Secure Transportation

Experienced AOG Services

AOG delivery is special. Our expertise allows us to quickly assess requirements so customization doesn’t waste valuable time. We create the optimal route for your shipments with minimal rerouting and maximum confidence that the shipment arrives where and when you need it – down to the minute. Every time. No matter what. Comet Couriers has an established specialty in Maine AOG shipments.

Comet Couriers AOG Services is the perfect aircraft on ground service for your AOG shipping service requirements. Comet Couriers has over 20 years of solving even the most challenging AOG needs thanks to our in-depth logistics experience.

From the first phone call, you are assigned a dedicated AOG Services Agent who will reliably and proactively monitor and troubleshoot your shipments. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. This unique dedicated customer focus is specific to Comet Couriers and has earned us the highest customer service rating year after year

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AOG Shipping Priority

The needs of an aircraft on ground service are more exacting than the needs of almost any other kind of delivery. Because time truly is money in the AOG world. Trust and reliability are critical, because every shipment is a top priority for us.

Specialized handling situations are considered part of every shipment; we won’t let them slow you down. No matter the situation, the size or dimensions of your shipment or unique customs requirements, Comet Couriers is your reliable and safe partner for AOG shipments.


Aircraft on Ground Service Highlights

24/7/365: When it comes to AOG, it goes without saying that you can reach us anytime.

Industry-Leading On-Time Performance: On-time arrival, on-time performance is second to none.

Unparalleled Customer Support

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