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Expedited Freight, Heavy Hauling and Hot-shot Hauling

Comet Delivery Services provides transport services for all your industry and company needs such as heavy hauling. We can help provide transport and delivery on demand!

Shipping cargo often means combating the market imbalances & changes in the market daily. We improve your supply chain to prepare for these fluctuations.

Comet Delivery specializes in delivering enormous amounts of freight to and from the many communities of Maine, using the power of our diverse fleet of goosenecks, enclosed trailers, hot-shot trailers, and powerful freight trucks. 

When you need your cargo to arrive at a location as quickly as possible, Comet Delivery Services is the most reliable choice. Hot shot trucks are a wonderful choice for the transportation of goods of all sorts, including equipment and machinery. However, unlike larger trucks, a hotshot truck typically carries lighter loads and prioritizes fast delivery. With this smaller load, hot shot transportation is often relied upon for the delivery of smaller materials, like furniture, appliances, or small vehicles like motorcycles.

Freight Delivery for Maine

Whatever the weight or size of your packages, even if it’s 10,000 pounds of palletized product, we have the right set of wheels to take your packages wherever they’re needed, when they’re needed. For the ultimate convenience, our same day freight delivery services are available 24/7 for whenever you need to send out your next shipment! 

We are equipped for success if you need heavy machinery.

Have a shipping emergency? Comet Delivery Services has expedited freight solutions to speed up your delivery time. We offer secure and reliable shipping in all of Maine, including Eastern Canada. With us, you have access to a of reliable freight carrier and equipment to get the job done, from temperature-controlled vans to hotshot trucking and more.

Shipping your products with Comet Delivery Trucking Services provides your business with flexibility, consistency, and on-time delivery.